Can I Pay For My Car Shipping On Delivery?

If you’re planning to ship your car, and you’re looking for a reliable payment option, then car shipping on delivery can make a great pick. The good thing is that most shipping companies offer you various payment options to suit your needs.

Can I pay for my car shipping on delivery? Yes, paying for your car once it has arrived is possible. Besides, there are benefits to enjoy with this payment option.

Austin Auto Repair Austin brings you some things to consider:

What Are The Benefits Paying For Car Shipping On Delivery?

1. Trust

Trust can be an issue with most customers when paying for something yet to receive. COD might be the best option since it allows you to pay for your car only once arrived and checked that the car is in the right condition.

2. Easy

As compared to other carrier payment options like Cash-on-pickup (COP), COD doesn’t push you into going to the bank to deposit money or carrying your credit/debit cards, etc. You do it right on the spot.

Besides it also shields you from potential mishaps like fines due to late payments if you used, and failed to top up your credit card on time.

3. Convenience

No credit/debit cards? No problem. With COD payment option, you don’t have to worry about having a bank account, etc. You can make the payments in cash.

4. Confidentiality

If you don’t want your credit card details to be exposed especially if you have a professional linkage, then COD is the way to go. It gets all your worries covered up.

Bottom Line

If you are looking forward to shipping your car then, you can decide to pay on delivery. Listed above are some of the benefits that you will enjoy with this option. But before deciding on the payment method to use, always consult with the company to make sure you understand well their terms of service.

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Can You Put Things In Your Car When You Ship It?

At clutch repair Las Vegas we have heard that this question is commonly posed by people preparing their cars’ for shipment. Filling the trunk and backseat with some household items will definitely save you some cash. But is it allowed? Unfortunately, NO. You can’t ship your vehicle with items filled in it. Let look at some of the reasons why this is not allowed.

1.  Excess weight than what you have paid for

Majority of auto Transport Company strictly charge on the weight of the car and not household items. So you will find that these companies have strict rules where they only ship what you pay for. That is why the carrier also requests you to empty the tank of your car till it’s less than a quarter.

2.  It’s against the law

Carriers are by law prohibited from carrying cars with household items filled inside. Going against this law may see the transporter pay a hefty fine of $10000.

3.  Not covered by insurance

It’s good to understand that the transportation company has insurance that may cover your car in case of an accident. However, the carrier may not take responsibility for the personal/household items filled in the car.

4.  Weight limit

There are weight limits that should not be exceeded by the carrier trucks. Packing of household items and personal staffs may cause overweight to the truck that will result in fines. This, therefore, discourages the carriers from allowing people pack personal/household items.

In conclusion

The good news is that there are some companies that may allow a little extra weight. This is only limited to light kinds of stuff that can be packed in a suitcase and placed in the truck. However, you should know that when hiring an auto transport company, you will only be paying to ship your car and not your household items.

However check with the company you are considering. AT123 allows some items to be shipped in the trunk.

Do You Pay a Deposit When Shipping a Car?

This is one of the frequent question car owners ask when addressing an auto transport company, at german auto mechanic Centennial we had the same questions.The answer to the question reviles an interesting aspect of the business and a good indication as to who the company really is. 

Most auto transport companies do not ask for deposits.

They usually accept payment upon delivery which can be done with credit cards, cash or cashier’s checks. In some rare cases, they might accept personal checks but only if they trust their customer or have a trusted already established business relationship. Because they do not charge any money upfront, they will not unload the car until payment is confirmed. That is understandable as the car is the only collateral they have. If the customer refuses to pay and the car is unloaded, the carrier will have to go through a time-consuming legal process to recover his owed amount for the transport.

As far as upfront deposits go, this is a practice common for transport brokers.

They do not actually transport the car, but they work with multiple carriers. The deposit is the broker’s way of ensuring he is getting paid no matter what. In simple terms, brokers are the middle man and the deposit is their cut for their services. Carriers do not get any extra commission from the brokers and in most cases, there are no business relationships between the two. The broker will act on your behalf, collect a commission and arrange the transportation with a carrier. Since the broker operates on a commission that is drawn from the deposit, in some cases, the transport will be more expensive than when working directly with a carrier. Surely, there are also some reputable brokers that care about their business and their customers. In the end, brokers do make it easier to find reliable carriers, but it is just as good if not better to find a carrier on your own.

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How Can I Ship My Car By Train Or Truck?

You just got your dream job in San Francisco California and you have more than one vehicle.  You can’t drive them both.  Here at volvo service San Francisco, we want to share some information on how to get your car here by shipping it.  You don’t have to worry about shipping your car since you can choose to do so by train. Shipping your vehicle by train is very affordable and it’s an effective way of transporting your car from your current location to your destination. Ship-by-rail option has gained popularity in the recent past due to competitive pricing among auto transport companies. However, most people still don’t know how to go about it and are holding the question of “How can I ship my car by train or truck?”.

Let’s look at how you can ship a vehicle by train or truck

Generally, the process starts with a truck carrier picking the car from your location and delivers it to the nearest rail terminal/hub. You don’t necessarily need to interact with the railroad, you can contact the shipping company and make arrangements.

Decide how you want your vehicle shipped.

Train shipping offers two options, that is, open and enclosed carrier cars. As for the open carrier, the cars are visible as the train rolls past. An enclosed carrier is more expensive but offers better protection; you can choose this based on the value of your car. What shipping by train is like.

Getting quotes.

For best pricing, you may want to compare various quotes from some operating rail transport companies. This will give you a sense of cost from multiple carriers. However, keep in mind that the price of shipping car by train is influenced by several factors such as capacity, geographic location distance, market factor, type of the car and loading factor. Nevertheless, these variables change with the situation.

For security purposes, ensure that the vehicle is fully operable and deactivate all anti-theft devices. You can inform the shipping company if you have any special items on board such as spoilers and luggage racks. You may find some companies offering an auto train service where you are required to travel on the same train as your car.

How Do I Track My Car Transportation?

Having a car on transit can be a source of anxiety for many people. Besides, there are many benefits of knowing the exact time your car will arrive as it might be affecting your schedule. How do I track my car transportation? This is something everyone wants to find out before committing themselves to a transportation company.

Fortunately, murrieta auto repair wants you to know that it’s possible to track your car while on transit. However, the choice of the method you will use depends on what the transport company offers. This is why it’s important to speak to the car shipping representative to find how they track cars on transit.

With that said, here are the car tracking options you have:

1. Online Tracking

Most companies have an online tracking feature on their website. You will be provided a tracking number that you will enter to access the progress report. Here is an example of online tracking with Auto Star Transport Express.

2. Frequent Notifications

Some companies prefer sending their customers’ frequent notifications updating them. Considering that the system is automated, you don’t have to request for these updates. Just relax as you track the car from your mobile phone or PC.

3. Mobile Tracking

Mobile tracking is one of the most convenient ways of tracking your shipment. However, you might need to install an application that supports tracking. Your company will recommend the best app for you to use.

4. Email Notifications

With some companies, tracking your car frequently might be impossible. They prefer updating you using email notifications upon request.

5. Calls

While calls are not popular, some shippers may prefer providing you with transit progress when you call them. This method is not the best as the company will have to contact the driver before giving you feedback which can be tedious.


Before choosing a company to use for shipping, make sure you understand how they update their customers. You can then settle one you feel they use a method you are comfortable with.

How Shipping Cars Will Be Different In 2019

The year 2018 was a robust year in the freight industry with various evolutions. However, from the look of things so far, 2019 is going to be even stronger. Read More to find out how shipping cars will be different in 2019? This is the question that every player in this transport industry is asking. Well, if the past events in the transport industry are something to go by then here are some of the things to expect in 2019.

1. Electronic Logging Devices Mandate

Electronic Logging Devices Mandate is a policy by the government that demands installation of devices which automatically track time driver’s work. Although its an effort by the government to reduce potential accidents, the move is expected to affect prices. Besides, the duration of shipment is likely to be affected as well. So, you can expect considerably longer freight time and increased costs unlike before.

2. Capacity Crunch

Due to the ongoing driver shortage in the industry, truck supply is set to be low while freight demands are rising. Many people fear taking up the driving tasks because of the huge amount of work involved and the long distances covered. The availability of a few drivers means that means a reduced number of trucks on the roads which in turn translates to higher freight rates.

3. Environmental Initiatives

Initiatives that push for the reduction of harmful emissions due to transportation have been on the rise in the previous years. This year, the figures are even higher. To minimize pollution, most manufacturers are opting to modern low emission and clean-running trucks for use in car shipping. This move is likely to push the prices of shipping slightly higher. However, the prices are expected to reduce in the future due to enhanced efficiency in the shipping industry.

4. Freight Technology Disruptors

2019 is expected to witness the invention and use of more tracking apps. The popularity of these apps has increased considerably in the recent past. This is because they enable customers to track their cars more easily.


The evolution in car shipping has already begun, and it’s not stopping soon. As a result, 2019 is set to present lots of changes in the industry, some of which are listed above. This means that what you pay today for cars shipping will be entirely different from what you pay in your next shipment.

How to Pick A Shipping Company in Michigan

Shifting from one place to another is a big headache in itself. The entire sequence of packing, loading, unloading and then again unpacking is a cumbersome episode that takes its toll on your mental as well as physical state. To add to your plight, if you happen to get stuck with an average shipment agency, you’ll end up with broken or damaged items. Michigan, the state of lakes and opportunities witnesses perhaps the maximum to and from transfers every year. This has entailed existence of numerous Michigan based companies specializing in relocating homes and businesses. We are a mini cooper specialist mesa and want to help you choose the right company to best suit your needs.  The company is critical to have a pleasant transfer experience.

Tips For Choosing The Right Shipping Company For Car Transport In Michigan

A deliberate analysis of your needs and available transfer company options is a prerequisite to shift in the most efficient manner. There are some general parameters to help you make the right choice. Read on and make an informed decision.

Your Requirement.

Choose a company that meets your needs. Depending upon whether you have a complete household, office or business or a certain part of it, your choice will differ.

Track Record.

This is the best and easiest way to gauge the efficacy of a company. Do check the experience of the company and also what the others have to say about it.


The way a company responds to your first request gives you a fair idea about their attitude. Have belief in your first hunch, it’s mostly accurate.


Take multiple quotes from different channels giving an accurate requirement. Make a comparison and rate them in the order. Although this is an important criterion, it shouldn’t be the deciding one. Ask for details like advance deposits and payment modes.

Services Offered.

When taking a quote, insist on details of inclusive services. Extra payments for tasks like packing, loading etc. should be made clear.

Insurance Cover.

Adequate insurance from a reputable company is a must. It shouldn’t be overpriced to avoid unnecessary burden, but it must include all items at their correct prices.


Don’t just believe promises; get the facts on how the company plans to take care of your items during the entire shifting process. See the condition of their trucks for an idea. The company that doesn’t take care of their own assets isn’t likely to be reliable.

The points given herein are indicative and will vary as per your actual state. Make your own decision framework to select the most suited transfer company for your specific needs.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Shipping Your Car

While moving from one location to another can be manageable, shipping your car is not that easy. Due to lack of information, many people have found themselves staring at loses caused by shipping companies. To avoid this from happening, you need to ask important questions before hiring a shipping company. From our experience at temecula smog check, here are five vital you should ask before shipping your car.

Question #1: What do you do in cases of damages?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of cost, finding out how they handle such cases will show their level of professionalism and experience. It is important to have a clear response and more so done in writing. This serves to safeguard you from any costs you may incur in case the car is damaged.

Question #2: Do you offer any insurance?

Most insurance companies do not cover risks arising from transportation. Therefore, find out whether the company offers insurance cover. This is critical because it gives you a glimpse of what to expect in such circumstances. If they don’t address your questions adequately, it’s always advisable to keep searching.

Question #3: What is their registration status?

Any business in the transport industry must possess legal documents detailing their registration status with the Department of Transport. Whether it is within the state or interstate, make sure that they have legal documents for confirmation. You can also check their status with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

Question #4: What is their cost?

Shipping rates vary from one location to another. So it’s advisable to check out few companies and compare their rates. As you do this, make sure to find out whether they also other services in line with their costs. For instance, do they offer an enclosed or open transport services? How does that affect the cost?

Question #5: What do you need to get the car ready for shipping?

When approaching shipping companies, find out what you need to do for the car to be ready for shipping. This ranges from the necessary documents to registration status.

In the end, the quality of response you get should guide you when it comes to making the right choice.

Tips For Car Shipping Snowbirds Migrating To Florida

A lot of people choose to move from the north to warmer states such as Florida. Snowbirds migrating to Florida or any other state will surely encounter several issues in the process. Most concerns come when having to deal with car transportation. Driving is an option, but it also requires some due diligence. Wheel bearing inspection mesa suggests you consider the following things.


The very first thing to look out for is pricing. There are a lot of auto transport companies and some of them tend to be unjustifiably expensive. To get a better picture, it is a good idea to ask for quotes from multiple companies.


Finding the company is one part of the problem. The car also needs to arrive in the same condition as it was before transportation. Sometimes, cars can get damaged during transportation. For this reason, it is important to check what kind of insurance for damages is included, the damage that it covers and what is the actual cost. Usually, the cost of the insurance is added to the final invoice which includes the transportation cost as well.

Time to Transport

The last thing to check is how long it will take to transport the car to Florida and if it is possible to schedule the arrival for a date and hour. Before shipping the car, it is better to give it a good wash and remove personal belongings that are still inside. All auto transportation companies advise to remove personal belongings and exempt themselves from any responsibility if anything is missing.

When Your Car is Delivered

Once the car is delivered, the car should be inspected properly. It should be checked that it has no suspicious leaks, the tires are in good condition, all doors are properly closed, paint is not scratched, and nothing is bent or damaged. If there are signs of damage, this needs to be addressed in the presence of the driver that delivered the car and a claim needs to be filed with the transportation company. They should have a procedure clearly stated on how to file a claim for vehicle damage during transportation.

What Does Door to Door Car Transport Service Mean?

Do you plan on shipping your vehicle from one location to another? Well, you’ll be required to choose a place where you would want it to be picked up and delivered. In this case, you find that most auto transport companies offer a door-to- door service. Read more to find out about this service and in your mind, you’ll be asking, what does door to door car transport service mean?

Door to door auto transport is a form of auto shipping that many auto transport firms have adopted and involves picking up or rather delivering a car near a predefined location like in a major street, building or a business premise. It doesn’t necessarily mean at your doorsteps but it can be a nearby parking lot close to your residential home.

Let’s look at some real scenarios

(1). Let’s say you are buying a car from a private party/dealership, this service would mean that the vehicle will be picked up from whom you bought it from and delivered to your address.

(2). If you are planning for a vacation/trip and you want to have your car there, the service would mean picking the vehicle from your address and delivering to your destination address.

There’re a residential area that has zoning laws restricting heavyweights trucks in their neighborhood, and in such case, the delivery takes place in a safe and convenient place within the nearby location upon an agreement of both parties. Door to door service is a bit cheaper compared to the terminal to terminal service. If you choose to ship from one terminal to another, there’re some terminal storage fees that accumulate daily as your car is kept in that terminal yard.

Lastly, there’re many companies that have emerged and therefore you need to look for a reliable one. Consider checking out the company’s services you’ve selected and look for its ratings and reviews from people who have used it.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Transport A Car?

There are different means of shipping a car. You could send it in a truck, by rail, hiring someone or you could opt to drive it yourself — all these viable choices you could consider if you are to ship a car. But which is the cheapest way to transport your car at a relatively higher quality service?

Transporting a car by rail is far more expensive than carrying it in a truck. Of course, there are two types of truck shipping. Open and closed transport. Despite truck shipping is cheaper, it is dependent on several factors such: the type of car you are shipping and its condition, the distance and season of transportation. brings you the following points to consider.

Closed Shipping

If you were to ship a luxurious brand new Ferrari, then closed truck shipping could probably be the cheapest way to transport your car. Although it is more expensive than open transport, it ensures the safety of your rare car and doesn’t expose it to the public. Essential elements of expensive or rare cars are best protected in closed transportation

Open Transportation

Open transportation is the most affordable and the most widespread mean of car transportation. If the car you wish to transport is your drive daily, then open shipping is probably the best option. There are more vehicles on the road, and the trucks can handle pretty much every vehicle.

Which is Best?

While open transport is the cheapest mean to transport your car, bear in mind that cheap is expensive. At times, your vehicle may be exposed to more hazards, and you may end up incurring more cost than you’d expected.

To avoid this frustration, its good to establish the legitimacy of your shipping company. Doing a little background research of your shipping services do not harm and could save you a great deal.