Can You Put Things In Your Car When You Ship It?

At clutch repair Las Vegas we have heard that this question is commonly posed by people preparing their cars’ for shipment. Filling the trunk and backseat with some household items will definitely save you some cash. But is it allowed? Unfortunately, NO. You can’t ship your vehicle with items filled in it. Let look at some of the reasons why this is not allowed.

1.  Excess weight than what you have paid for

Majority of auto Transport Company strictly charge on the weight of the car and not household items. So you will find that these companies have strict rules where they only ship what you pay for. That is why the carrier also requests you to empty the tank of your car till it’s less than a quarter.

2.  It’s against the law

Carriers are by law prohibited from carrying cars with household items filled inside. Going against this law may see the transporter pay a hefty fine of $10000.

3.  Not covered by insurance

It’s good to understand that the transportation company has insurance that may cover your car in case of an accident. However, the carrier may not take responsibility for the personal/household items filled in the car.

4.  Weight limit

There are weight limits that should not be exceeded by the carrier trucks. Packing of household items and personal staffs may cause overweight to the truck that will result in fines. This, therefore, discourages the carriers from allowing people pack personal/household items.

In conclusion

The good news is that there are some companies that may allow a little extra weight. This is only limited to light kinds of stuff that can be packed in a suitcase and placed in the truck. However, you should know that when hiring an auto transport company, you will only be paying to ship your car and not your household items.

However check with the company you are considering. AT123 allows some items to be shipped in the trunk.