How Shipping Cars Will Be Different In 2019

The year 2018 was a robust year in the freight industry with various evolutions. However, from the look of things so far, 2019 is going to be even stronger. Read More to find out how shipping cars will be different in 2019? This is the question that every player in this transport industry is asking. Well, if the past events in the transport industry are something to go by then here are some of the things to expect in 2019.

1. Electronic Logging Devices Mandate

Electronic Logging Devices Mandate is a policy by the government that demands installation of devices which automatically track time driver’s work. Although its an effort by the government to reduce potential accidents, the move is expected to affect prices. Besides, the duration of shipment is likely to be affected as well. So, you can expect considerably longer freight time and increased costs unlike before.

2. Capacity Crunch

Due to the ongoing driver shortage in the industry, truck supply is set to be low while freight demands are rising. Many people fear taking up the driving tasks because of the huge amount of work involved and the long distances covered. The availability of a few drivers means that means a reduced number of trucks on the roads which in turn translates to higher freight rates.

3. Environmental Initiatives

Initiatives that push for the reduction of harmful emissions due to transportation have been on the rise in the previous years. This year, the figures are even higher. To minimize pollution, most manufacturers are opting to modern low emission and clean-running trucks for use in car shipping. This move is likely to push the prices of shipping slightly higher. However, the prices are expected to reduce in the future due to enhanced efficiency in the shipping industry.

4. Freight Technology Disruptors

2019 is expected to witness the invention and use of more tracking apps. The popularity of these apps has increased considerably in the recent past. This is because they enable customers to track their cars more easily.


The evolution in car shipping has already begun, and it’s not stopping soon. As a result, 2019 is set to present lots of changes in the industry, some of which are listed above. This means that what you pay today for cars shipping will be entirely different from what you pay in your next shipment.