Tips For Car Shipping Snowbirds Migrating To Florida

A lot of people choose to move from the north to warmer states such as Florida. Snowbirds migrating to Florida or any other state will surely encounter several issues in the process. Most concerns come when having to deal with car transportation. Driving is an option, but it also requires some due diligence. Wheel bearing inspection mesa suggests you consider the following things.


The very first thing to look out for is pricing. There are a lot of auto transport companies and some of them tend to be unjustifiably expensive. To get a better picture, it is a good idea to ask for quotes from multiple companies.


Finding the company is one part of the problem. The car also needs to arrive in the same condition as it was before transportation. Sometimes, cars can get damaged during transportation. For this reason, it is important to check what kind of insurance for damages is included, the damage that it covers and what is the actual cost. Usually, the cost of the insurance is added to the final invoice which includes the transportation cost as well.

Time to Transport

The last thing to check is how long it will take to transport the car to Florida and if it is possible to schedule the arrival for a date and hour. Before shipping the car, it is better to give it a good wash and remove personal belongings that are still inside. All auto transportation companies advise to remove personal belongings and exempt themselves from any responsibility if anything is missing.

When Your Car is Delivered

Once the car is delivered, the car should be inspected properly. It should be checked that it has no suspicious leaks, the tires are in good condition, all doors are properly closed, paint is not scratched, and nothing is bent or damaged. If there are signs of damage, this needs to be addressed in the presence of the driver that delivered the car and a claim needs to be filed with the transportation company. They should have a procedure clearly stated on how to file a claim for vehicle damage during transportation.