How Can I Ship My Car By Train Or Truck?

You just got your dream job in San Francisco California and you have more than one vehicle.  You can’t drive them both.  Here at volvo service San Francisco, we want to share some information on how to get your car here by shipping it.  You don’t have to worry about shipping your car since you can choose to do so by train. Shipping your vehicle by train is very affordable and it’s an effective way of transporting your car from your current location to your destination. Ship-by-rail option has gained popularity in the recent past due to competitive pricing among auto transport companies. However, most people still don’t know how to go about it and are holding the question of “How can I ship my car by train or truck?”.

Let’s look at how you can ship a vehicle by train or truck

Generally, the process starts with a truck carrier picking the car from your location and delivers it to the nearest rail terminal/hub. You don’t necessarily need to interact with the railroad, you can contact the shipping company and make arrangements.

Decide how you want your vehicle shipped.

Train shipping offers two options, that is, open and enclosed carrier cars. As for the open carrier, the cars are visible as the train rolls past. An enclosed carrier is more expensive but offers better protection; you can choose this based on the value of your car. What shipping by train is like.

Getting quotes.

For best pricing, you may want to compare various quotes from some operating rail transport companies. This will give you a sense of cost from multiple carriers. However, keep in mind that the price of shipping car by train is influenced by several factors such as capacity, geographic location distance, market factor, type of the car and loading factor. Nevertheless, these variables change with the situation.

For security purposes, ensure that the vehicle is fully operable and deactivate all anti-theft devices. You can inform the shipping company if you have any special items on board such as spoilers and luggage racks. You may find some companies offering an auto train service where you are required to travel on the same train as your car.