How Do I Track My Car Transportation?

Having a car on transit can be a source of anxiety for many people. Besides, there are many benefits of knowing the exact time your car will arrive as it might be affecting your schedule. How do I track my car transportation? This is something everyone wants to find out before committing themselves to a transportation company.

Fortunately, murrieta auto repair wants you to know that it’s possible to track your car while on transit. However, the choice of the method you will use depends on what the transport company offers. This is why it’s important to speak to the car shipping representative to find how they track cars on transit.

With that said, here are the car tracking options you have:

1. Online Tracking

Most companies have an online tracking feature on their website. You will be provided a tracking number that you will enter to access the progress report. Here is an example of online tracking with Auto Star Transport Express.

2. Frequent Notifications

Some companies prefer sending their customers’ frequent notifications updating them. Considering that the system is automated, you don’t have to request for these updates. Just relax as you track the car from your mobile phone or PC.

3. Mobile Tracking

Mobile tracking is one of the most convenient ways of tracking your shipment. However, you might need to install an application that supports tracking. Your company will recommend the best app for you to use.

4. Email Notifications

With some companies, tracking your car frequently might be impossible. They prefer updating you using email notifications upon request.

5. Calls

While calls are not popular, some shippers may prefer providing you with transit progress when you call them. This method is not the best as the company will have to contact the driver before giving you feedback which can be tedious.


Before choosing a company to use for shipping, make sure you understand how they update their customers. You can then settle one you feel they use a method you are comfortable with.