What Does Door to Door Car Transport Service Mean?

Do you plan on shipping your vehicle from one location to another? Well, you’ll be required to choose a place where you would want it to be picked up and delivered. In this case, you find that most auto transport companies offer a door-to- door service. Read more to find out about this service and in your mind, you’ll be asking, what does door to door car transport service mean?

Door to door auto transport is a form of auto shipping that many auto transport firms have adopted and involves picking up or rather delivering a car near a predefined location like in a major street, building or a business premise. It doesn’t necessarily mean at your doorsteps but it can be a nearby parking lot close to your residential home.

Let’s look at some real scenarios

(1). Let’s say you are buying a car from a private party/dealership, this service would mean that the vehicle will be picked up from whom you bought it from and delivered to your address.

(2). If you are planning for a vacation/trip and you want to have your car there, the service would mean picking the vehicle from your address and delivering to your destination address.

There’re a residential area that has zoning laws restricting heavyweights trucks in their neighborhood, and in such case, the delivery takes place in a safe and convenient place within the nearby location upon an agreement of both parties. Door to door service is a bit cheaper compared to the terminal to terminal service. If you choose to ship from one terminal to another, there’re some terminal storage fees that accumulate daily as your car is kept in that terminal yard.

Lastly, there’re many companies that have emerged and therefore you need to look for a reliable one. Consider checking out the company’s services you’ve selected and look for its ratings and reviews from people who have used it.